Indoor signage is your perfect solution for the dynamic dissemination of information – ideal scenarios are:

Public information – news, weather, traffic and local (location specific) information, such as building directory with map, fire exits and traveler information.

Internal information – corporate messages, such as health & safety items, news, and so forth.

Product information – pricing, photos, raw materials or ingredients, suggested applications and other product information - especially useful in food marketing where signage may include nutritional facts or suggested uses or recipes.

Advertising and Promotion – promoting products or services, may be related to the location of the sign or using the screen's audience reach for general advertising.

Brand building – in-store digital sign to promote the brand and build a brand identity.

Influencing customer behavior – directing customers to different areas, increasing the "dwell time" on the store premises, and a wide range of other uses in service of such influence.

Influencing product or brand decision-making Influencing product or brand decision-making – influence choice e.g. Signage to help shoppers to choose dresses inside a fashion store or devices that on a computerized shopping trolley helping the customer locate products, check prices, access product information and manage shopping lists

Enhancing customer experience – reduction of perceived wait time in the waiting areas of restaurants and other retail operations, bank queues, and similar circumstances, as well as demonstrations, such as those of recipes in food stores, among other examples.

Navigation – with interactive screens for “dynamic way finding”.


Do you have new car models that you want to showcase? Maybe there are certain specials that you want to make known around your dealership? Or, maybe you just want to talk to your customers in a more efficient way. If any of these things are on your sales agenda, then integrating digital signage is definitely the way to go.


Serious situations call for serious technology. That’s why our software comes equipped with the ability to deliver dynamic Emergency Alerts. The Emergency Alert feature allows administrators to push way finding and timely messages right when students need them most. Not only can you get info to your students quickly with digital signage, but it is smart to place screens in the teacher’s lounge as well.

Gas Stations

Whether the current specials are referring to your gas rates or other items within the adjacent convenient store--such as snacks or sodas--you will want to give customers the updated prices in real-time on your digital signage display. One of the best ways to do this is to position the sign in a conspicuous place like the lobby, or in a position where they can see the screen while they pump gas.


Many times a year, owners of retail chains run specials or events that are not always announced effectively enough. With your digital signage, you can get customers talking about the upcoming occasion while they browse your store items. And, if they have your company’s hashtag (which can also periodically be displayed on your screens), it can get talked about on social media as well, just by them seeing it for a few seconds on the display.


One of the things owners love the most about digital menu boards is the ability to make spontaneous changes at any given moment. Being able to instantly switch up promotions is just one outstanding feature. You can also greatly improve communication (even from store to store) all by remote control. This is a Godsend for owners who have multiple locations within a chain of establishments. And, seeing as how a team of experts are always readily available to assist you with your new board, your restaurants unique needs will be specifically met as yours is fluidly integrated with your current system of operations.

Supermarkets & Grocery

The grocery store business is about the real estate. So is digital signage, but with the right control tools you can deliver specific messages multiple screen locations across your network with a snap. You’ll be happy with how easy it will be to communicate using the many features of digital signs, but the fact that you are able to control each and every one of your store’s screens (no matter how many locations you have) from literally everywhere.

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