This add-on feature enables your customers to engage with your brand, and transforms how and where they interact with your products and services, from purchasing tickets at the bus stop, to wayfinding in a mall and booking an appointment at the bank or doctor’s office.

Interactive touchscreens allow you to re-think how you reach your customers– intuitive interactivity and eye-catching content enhance the user experience connecting you to your customers.

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This add-on can be added to any and all types of signage to complement and empower your marketing strategy.


Students spend time daily in the food court, making it an ideal public location for displaying digital signage. Many a high school and college campus have made good use of digital signage for digital menu boards, showcasing product.


How many times have visitors to your dealership had to walk around for a while in order to physically find the specific vehicle that they came in to see? Take the headache out of their customer experience by adding a digital directory to your signage. That way, they know which direction to go in before they begin aimlessly roaming around your showroom.

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