Your Welcome Screen is energized with dynamic live content. Instead of just running static videos and images, you can integrate Live TV, RSS, Weather, Facebook, QR, Twitter, Kiosk builder, Stocks, YouTube and dozens of other cool, live, relevant content that will bring your screens to life.

You can use the screen to welcome guests, display conference/meeting information, and send in-house notifications, news or emergency broadcasts.

You can even develop your own custom Digital Signage component using our software development kit (SDK).


One of the greatest features of digital signage is the ability to easily broadcast messages to all of your employees in the establishment.


Government agencies many times use digital signs to display facts that may catch the eyes of viewers. Still, it is important to remember that certain changes may affect the public on both a national and local level. Now, with the push of a button, you can instantly place nationwide updates on all of your digital screens, informing patrons of necessary info immediately.


Many guests are from out of town and have never visited your hotel property before. Some of them are likely to get lost, especially the younger ones. Now, there is the ability to create a way finding device, including touch screen that has interactive directions around the facility.


Your business will now be equipped with the software to create images and side-by-side comparisons with opposing companies. Then, they can display this info on their screens that are located in the most populated public areas. Showcase your greatest strengths in comparison to the competition and “own” your customers.

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